17 September 2011 @ 01:05 am

See, see, I'm trying to keep this whole updating regularly thing going :D

Not a whole lot has changed since my last entry, though - organizational stuff for Anime USA is going well, except I apparently forgot deposit slips which makes putting all the money club people gave me back into my account a little difficult but here's hoping Dad knows some magic way to get them online or can stick a few in an envelope and mail them to me. I still have no teaching experience for JET but I got my essay to all but ONE LINE on two pages and have a viable plan, at least, to get teaching experience next semester so when I go in for the interview I can at least show I'm trying to do something about it. Having a plan always makes me feel better. I've started on applications for internships, and hopefully will get them mostly finished this weekend. Thesis, as well, is coming together in planning if not in sources, though I might have found a few of those too. I'm meeting with my adviser again on Monday, we'll see how it goes. Lit is going well, as always, we read a super-creepy Japanese version of Lolita last week and then got to rant about it in class which was fun. Japanese continues to be somewhat disorganized and confusing with far too much busywork, but I think I'm doing well? And physics is boring beyond belief but at least it's relatively easy. I think. We've only gotten one problem set back, so...

Other then that...I have a new battery for my computer :D so I'll be able to like...take it places :D theoretically anyway. And we watched Eyeshield 21 in Anime club today and dear god it was Prince of Tennis only with football and more insanity if that's even possible plus lots of gay and a random Johnny's reference which no one else got. "Jerry's" idol agency, seriously guys? Oh and I'm meeting with [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace tomorrow evening for some pretty-japanese-boy watching :D My social life is so exciting XD

Current Mood: hopeful
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