27 December 2011 @ 11:10 pm
Hello everyone from the JE friending meme! I haven't been doing much with my dreamwidth even though I've had it for some time, so hopefully new people will get me a bit more active over here :D

I'm a 21 year old college student, and I mostly use my journal(s) to blather on about school and fandom and keep the people who I don't see every day reassured that I am, in fact, alive. I don't post often (demanding schoolwork + general presumption that my life is not very interesting) but I am trying to work on that, writing-incentive-consuming thesis aside.

I started getting into Arashi sometime last spring, though I wouldn't have counted myself as a fan until sometime in July or August, becuase it wasn't until then that I started seeking out shows other than VS Arashi and actually found music aside from the two mix CDs a friend had given me XD My favorite member is Aiba, because he is a beautiful sunshiny dork who makes me laugh and survive stress and schoolwork and all manner of other unpleasant things, but Arashi is Arashi and best when they are all together ♥ As for other JE groups, I know a little about HeySayJump, even less about Kanjani8, and listen to some KisMyFt2.

Other stuff I watch/read are Prince of Tennis (including the musicals :D yay dancing boys), Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, anything by Tamora Pierce, Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock and Kuroshitsuji, among various other anime/manga/books. I read a lot I also love to dance, formerly ballet, currently Scottish Country, and spend most of my vacations cooking/baking, much to the delight of my parents.

I have a tumblr here which I update pretty frequently and consists of mostly Arashi spam with a side of feminisim and politics, and the occasional Doctor Who/Harry Potter/something. Livejournal is here, though it's not any different from my dw except for the background XD

Now, for those of you who know already know me....uh, I'm alive? XD Usual excuses, school got hectic, etc, etc, time for my patented last few months in quick summary. Yaaaaaaay~

JET application is IN, now begins the first of two incredibly frustrating waiting periods, this round to see if I got an interview. Shall not be hearing back until late January, early February: we'll see how this goes. Second thesis draft was done EARLY and the first draft went over really well, which is quite encouraging :D The completed beast is 49 pages long plus two lines onto page 50 and then another 7 pages of citations. I'm actually kind of impressed I had that much to say, but considering I start rambling ad nauseum anytime someone asks me to explain my topic, perhaps it isn't that surprising. So now I'm just waiting for comments back from my adviser, and for the moment am pretending it doesn't exist for the first time in months :D With luck, we'll get back to school next semester, have a meeting on how to present the damn things, do our presentations and be done February 3rd. Of course, it's the Bi-Co East Asian Studies department and the Chinese thesis adviser has transferred to Yale so there's no way its going to be that organized (oh my department of lovable, brilliant airheads), but I can hope. And I landed the museum internship for next semester as well :D So I will be going into Philly...four? days a week to hold small animals and explain them to little kids and call it teaching experience.

Vacation has been pretty damn awesome sofar, my mom met me at my Aunt's house and we took a trip into NYC to see the decorated shop windows and Phantom of the Opera live (finally!!!), which was pretty damn impressive and made a lot of things in Love Never Dies (which I saw last year) make more sense. Then it was home for some relaxing and lots and lots of baking and a few shifts at the vets to get my bank account into a happier place.

Fandom-wise, I've been watching the usual mix of Arashi variety shows, finished Freeter on the train home from Thanksgiving break, also finished Mahou Shoujou Madoka on the way up to break (which was excellent), finally started FMA Brotherhood (they changed the order of some of the storytelling and it bothers me but otherwise good), watched GANTZ part 1 while putting together holiday stuff and may be watching it again so I can show it to the friend I'm trying to get into Arashi, but I still need to see part 2. I also need to finish My Girl and work my way through the D no Arashi episodes I got late in the semester, as well as the various concerts waiting patiently on my hard drive. There is not enough time in the day

And...I think that's about it. :D How was everyone's holidays?
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