01 February 2012 @ 10:51 am
Meme from Grayscale!  

If you could wake up tomorrow as a member of Arashi, who would it be?

Uh, like, wake up as myself in their body or spend a day as them? XD cause if its wake up as myself, Ohno, since at least I wouldn't have to talk and if I looked confused it'd be okay. If its spend a day as them, either Jun or Aiba. Jun's doing a drama right now so it'd be fun to see behind the scenes of all that, plus Jun is fabulous. Aiba if it could be a day where he was filming something for Shimuken, 'cause it'd be fun to spend time with the animals :DDD

Favourite type of eggs or way to have eggs cooked

Scrambled with whisky cheddar lD;; That or eggs benedict, but that's not just eggs.

You're suddenly a Japanese middle school tennis boy! Where do you go to school?

Oh gosh the choices. Um, not Hyoutei, no matter how much I love the team, I would not enjoy that kind of environment. Ditto Rikkai.

...As unimaginative as it is, probably Seigaku XD;; Good coach, decent teammates, crazy-but-in-an-ok-way regulars. All I'd have to be careful of is Inui and his damn juice. Maybe Rokkaku? Just cause they're pretty laid back and I'm...honestly not very competitive? XD;;

Haverford or Swarthmore?

Haverford :l I looked at Swat when I was college hunting, it didn't grab me, and then at least I'd be kind of close to the awesomeness that is Bryn Mawr.

You're magically a Johnny's Junior! Who's your "admired senpai" in magazine questionnaires?

I repeat, oh gosh the choices. Though I feel like this needs slightly more context XD am I an ickle newbie Junior or a Junior my own age or close to it? Cause if I'm like, me as my current age and self...Someone from Arashi. Probably Jun? Idk he seems to take things really seriously and is super involved and I do admire his dedication, etc. I love Aiba to absolute bits and pieces and he is my favorite, but admire is probably not quite the right word considering how often he causes me to have second-hand embarrassment XD;; I'd probably pronounce myself an Aiba fan and Jun admirer and watch the fangirls desperately try to decipher the implications of that.

If I was an ickle newbie Junior, probably Chinen XD Seriously, the boy is shameless even for Johnnys and that alone kind of impresses me.

Exploring outer space or under the ocean?

...Oh, geez, I have to choose? It would be absolutely amazing to go into space, but I probably wouldn't want to be away from people and friends and my cat and the internet for that long, so the ocean. Plus I like water.

If you could be a guest on one Arashi tv show over the past 12 years, which would it be?

Probably Arashi no Shukudai-kun XD Since a lot of it is taken from the guests desires, the food corner would probably end up being about chocolate and I could get the guys to cosplay, which is always fun :DDD Second choice, VSA. Not because I'd be any good at the games, but because it would be a fun forum to interact with them, I think.

:D well that was fun. Anyone else have questions?

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