10 March 2012 @ 11:43 pm
Drive-by Updating take 2  
So I spent most of spring break going "hey I should really update dw/lj/etc and like, let people know I'm alive/what's been going on in my life" and then getting distracted by something shiny or going back to attempting to get homework done or what have you so now its the end of spring break and I probably should be in bed but I'm trying to get better at this whole updating thing damn it :l So here we go :D

My JET interview went well :D or at least, that was the impression I walked out the door with, by the time I got downstairs I was second guessing everything I'd said XD I'm pretty sure I rambled in the beginning, and forgot stuff I wanted to say, etc, etc, but overall I think I made a good impression, and since the major cut was between paperwork and interview, and they supposedly take about 3/4 of the people they gave interviews to (at least in NYC)...I think my chances are pretty good :D;; Now I just wish they'd tell us how they're informing us whether or not we got in...all the website says is that "results will be announced". :/ fail, JET people.

The rest of the New York trip was awesome *~* except for a brief bout of food poisoning XD But! We went to yakiniku! and ramen! and karaoke and sang Arashi and HSJ and Kisumai! and I bought three Arashi CDs, two of which were used and on sale and thus a damn good deal :3 My bank account is still crying but it was absolutely worth it :lb

On the school front, Bryn Mawr is busybusybusy as always, especially now that teachers are making final project-y noises and so I have two separate stacks of pdfs that I need to read through...at some point. Thankfully I finally got the Japanese language ones to work as text as opposed to just images and thus can pop them in reading tutor which makes them infinitely easier to read :D unfortunately it took like an entire afternoon and then two other separate attempts on my Dad's computer to get that to happen D: so needless to say break was not quite as productive on the homework front as I would have liked. Which surprises absolutely no one, lets be honest, but at least this time I can blame technical difficulties I have no idea when I'm going to actually get any of this done but it'll happen one way or another. Hopefully.

Internship continues to go well :D Guinea pigs have been added back to the program, which brings back all sorts of lovely memories from elementary school, and they're all very cute and pretty chill. We blocked off one area of the exhibit on Monday when it was super slow and let the rabbit out to hop around for a while which was fun. And apparently they also have a giant hamster ball that they used to put the guinea pigs in (except all but one has gotten too fat and so they don't fit now XD;;) to let them run around and hopefully we'll be able to pull that out soon :D I continue to spend most of my time handling turtles though I can give a pretty impressive (if I do say so myself) speech on all the differences between snakes and legless lizards and am almost done training on those so I'll be able to handle them on my own soon :D The little girls continue to be much braver than the little boys re: petting/handling/being around the bugs which never fails to amuse me XD Also the Academy is gearing up for its 200th anniversary so there's tons of painting and planning of special activities going on, which should be fun when the celebrations start :D

Other things that happened during break! I hung out and watched Arashi videos with a friend I have gotten into Arashi and another whom I'm still kind of working on but I think she's converted now :D and then the next day went up to visit some friends who graduated last year but are living in the area who very kindly invited us up for tea. And by tea I mean the British version of tea with a capital T. As in there were tea sandwiches and cake and a jelly-thing in a martini glass with pomegranate and when we walked in we were told to "pick a teapot" (because they have like 16, Lizz's mother collected them, apparently, and then couldn't move them abroad with her) and our tea and there was lots of good food and tea and then we spent like an hour discussing politics because we all went to Bryn Mawr XD;; It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

I also went home briefly for break which was awesome because, y'know, real food and my bed and cat and all that stuff. I ended up trying a bus route home instead of the normal 10+ hour train ride and it went really smoothly...except that on the way up the power outlets didn't work (and on the way back it was like white out snow conditions trying to get to the station and then we left like an hour late but w/e). Thankfully, another (very kind) passenger lent me a book, which lasted a few hours, and the 3G on my phone let me chat with RP friends and [personal profile] grayscale epically came to save the day by texting me with AU plotlines for something like 3 hours XD much ♥♥♥ to you all it would have been a miserable trip without you~

Other exciting(?) break news!

For those of you who don't know, I wear glasses. I used to wear contacts, but since like a year and a half ago, they've stopped sitting on my eyes such that everything is in focus. So I've basically stopped wearing them since it takes like...10+ minutes to get them positioned such that I can see. Because its been an issue for so long, at my eye appointment in January, my mom brought up the idea of lasik eye surgery, which is something we talked about a bit when my eyes first started to go, but hadn't since.

As it turns out there's this world-renowned specialist about 20 minutes up the road from where we live. And because I'm sick of trying to deal with contacts and don't really like wearing my glasses all the time and my vision has been stable for like the past six years and there's this specialist with success rates only matched by like two other places in the world who is the one designing and patenting the procedures everyone else is using right in my home town.... I started putting some serious thought into getting my eyes fixed. Long story short, we went to a seminar at the lasik place over break, and there is just barely enough time for all the follow up appointments and such this summer before I leave for JET if I'm leaving for JET please please please. So, I'm getting the 2 hour consultation the day after we get back from graduation and if all goes well I'll be getting the surgery the day after that :3 And then no more glasses till I'm like...40-something and need reading glasses :DDD which sounds pretty good to me. So here's hoping~

As a last attempt at free time before being devoured by the insanity that is Bryn Mawr in April, I went to the Philadelphia flower show with friends today, which was very impressive in the flower arrangements and lots of fun via the free wine and liquor tasting booth :DD It...really only served to confirm my suspicion that I only like sweet drinks. Like, what most people consider dessert wines, and fruity cocktail mixer things exclusively XD;; Though I did discover my new favorite liquor ever, St. Germain, which is an elderflower liquor and absolutely fabulous *~* Lizz is dropping off half a bottle and recipes on Tuesday *grabby hands*

Other than that, my cat is apparently now 15, which really shouldn't be surprising to me but somehow is, and is also hyperthyroid, whatever that means :/ but he's otherwise healthy and they're going to get meds for that, so it should be okay :) I still need my copy of Wild at Heart, though the radio rip I downloaded weeks ago has climbed its way to the #2 spot on my 25 most played list XD It has to beat Magic Power for the #1 spot though, which I'm pretty sure requires at least 20 plays at the moment so it may stay there for a while. But it is definitely my favorite Arashi song to date, and I'm pretty sure I flailed over the PV and associated performances on everyone else's journals already so I'll skip that here BUT ITS SO AWESOME YOU GUYS ALL THE BEST THINGS OF ARASHI WRAPPED UP INTO ONE SONG ALKDJFS:LKJ

tl;dr - Life is busy but okay, summer is looking busier all the time, I can't wait to be done with classes and I STILL NEED MY COPY OF WILD AT HEART DAMMIT

Oh and I saw The Artist. It was really good! :D A bit darker than I'd expected, but good :D
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it's like talking to soup[personal profile] waxrose on March 11th, 2012 01:35 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that JET went well!

Lasik - oh man, I've been pondering that for ages. I've had glasses since Grade 3, and contacts since I was 16. I really want to do it, but the whole ideas just scares me. That's really convenient, having a specialist right near you!
rosaioko: mercury - read a book[personal profile] rosaioko on March 11th, 2012 09:48 pm (UTC)
Me too! Its suddenly hitting me April is next month and I'm like on pins and needles every time I remember XD;;

Yeah...I'm trying not to think to hard about the actual mechanics of how its going to happen. Because it is kind of freaky XD;; but I really want to not have to deal with my contacts any more, and not having to buy lenses/solution/etc will be a real plus. Also, y'know, the whole able to roll out of bed and be able to see first thing in the morning. So...yeah, not thinking to hard about the whole laser beam in my eye bit. :DDD