30 June 2010 @ 08:29 pm
...has been pretty damn boring XD My dad's working on the landscaping around our house, and I'm helping cause I'm getting paid to which means not only do we have massive piles of mulch, several potted things, empty pots that previously held things, and a bunch of trees that keep falling over lying around, I now spend the majority of my days planting massive amounts of pachysandra everywhere. I almost miss the daily battles with foot-and-a-half high weeds... Supposedly, this magical plant will keep down weeds in our flower beds. All I know is it's been about a month and I never want to see the damn thing again. Unfortunately, I'm planting it all over our property, so that's not really an option XD ah, well.

In other news, I successfully found Fakir pants (go old navy, go!) after a long and frustrating search (why is it so hard to find white pants? I mean really now) and since my wig is ordered, I am aaaaaaaaaaall set for Otakon this year - I just need my train tickets. I also found some pretty new skirts and shorts that fit (go old navy, go! take 2) and replaced all of my ridiculously worn out socks (...JC penny this time) XD yay shopping trips with mom.

I am also on a letter kick, as I have some pretty new stationary and some random other stationary that I found in the depths of my bookshelf and a notebook that I'm tearing pages out of, so if anyone wants a letter, drop me an email/message/screened comment with your address and I will happily ramble at you for a page or so and send it off ^ ^ You can write back, or not, either is fine, I just want to use pretty paper XD

And last but not least, I'm in the market for a new LJ layout, and am unimpressed with the ones offered :/ does anyone know some good comms/creators who's journals I can poke through to find one? I tried searching and such but it didn't quite work. EDIT: Found one~ :D thank you
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26 February 2010 @ 10:59 am
We have a snow day and I'm delaying doing my bio reading, so we finally get a post! XD I swear I was intending to update this more often.

As far as classes go, things are pretty ok - orgo is becoming significantly less stressful, now that I have a decent lecture teacher. We're switching books in Japanese though, which is kind of traumatic, because the new one is, well, >.> scary. But we'll get through. My chinese history class is boring as all hell, but the teacher is entertaining. I just wish I was better at analytical reading/writing - three grades in the whole class and all of them papers sldkjfskld.

Study abroad has hit that lovely, inevitable waiting period where Bryn Mawr hasn't approved me yet and Temple can't process my application until Bryn Mawr approves me. I'm fairly confident in my chances, but like all things it would be nice to actually know.

Katsucon went wonderfully, once we actually got to the hotel - major props to [ profile] faded_lace for not freaking out at how long it took us or the multitude of times we got lost. That being said, we are never using that gps again. Ever.

Cosplay was made of utter awesome, and we did manage to get it done - largely due to poor [ profile] moonlightlady14 staying up until 4AM to finish hemming and attaching things and a lot of safety pins once we were actually wearing them. But they looked great and we couldn't go more then like 10 feet without being asked for photos - which unfortunately meant we didn't see much of the con, but it was fun anyway. That reminds me - sailor moon crew, we need to do a meet up and mass picture exchange at some point, because some people didn't have cameras and not everyone's cameras were used for each shot.

Alright, I think I've procrastinated long enough. To work! *dives into pile of readings*
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19 July 2009 @ 07:38 pm




Animyu panal. Apparently fruits basket is now a musical. who knew? and with an all male cast at that. o.O I kind  of really need to see this.

Met up with [personal profile] faded_lace and there was much squeeing and hugging. finally met [ profile] chiachiaamichan and [ profile] yomimashou . Spent time hunting for their hotel. Went to dealers room and hunted desperately for anything and everything involving prince of tennis. Had some success. Went to see AMVs. Laughed my head off and went home with the list and didn't vote (again. I need to stop doing that XD). Went again to dealers room. Met [personal profile] faded_lace and company in Artists alley. Hunted madly for prince of tennis stuff (anyone seeing a theme here?). went to bed at some point.

Saturday: Cosplayed haruhi suzumiya. Met up with [personal profile] faded_lace and company again. Hunted artists alley and dealers room. I attempted to go to an FMA panel and it turned out kind of suckish, but I got reading time so it was okay. :D




:D we met a  saeki, a fuji (another fuji), a niou and an atobe in his fabulous lavender shirt. they were wonderful. we hung out upstairs and flailed and took  pictures (and got interviewed by some random japanese TV group o.O) and then went down to the dealers room and bought more prince of tennis stuff. and then watched the third death note movie (which was surprisingly awesome. L and small children. alskdjf. so cute and awkward) and then we went down to artists alley and had THE MOST AWESOME PHOTOSHOOT EVER WITH LOTS OF GAY AND CRACK PAIRINGS.


we were honestly in the back of artists alley till like 11:30 grabbing random people from our group and going "You! and you! go do something!" :DDDDD

Sunday we met up with all of them again and wandered around chatting and getting pictures taken ( me, [personal profile] faded_lace ,
[ profile] chiachiaamichan , and [ profile] yomimashou  were all in ouran cosplay, and we were getting stopped like every ten minutes for pictures) and then went to the ouran gathering and had massive amounts of pictures taken and then climbed in a car and drove to [personal profile] faded_lace 's house where I'm staying till friday.




that is all.

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16 February 2009 @ 05:37 pm
so....katsucon didn't turn out so great.

Don't get me wrong, it had nothing to do with the convention.....its just I got sick about halfway through saturday morning and spend the rest of the day in the hotel room feeling miserable. what I got to of the con I really  enjoyed (also got a pre-release of the next fruits basket book which I'm pretty happy about) but I didnt get to go to a lot the panels that I wanted to go to, I didnt get to run around and buy mad amounts of stuff in the dealers room, I didnt get to meet the artists of the webcomics I follow....*sigh* overall the weekend kinda sucked.

and I still have a cold.
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12 February 2009 @ 07:47 pm
So, this weekend I will be attending (for the first time) KATSUCON!!!!

It will be the SECOND anime convention I have ever attended, the first being a smaller, one-day affair at a local college back home (dont worry tora-con I love you to), and I have been bouncing off the walls all week. We're leaving tomorrow, I'm skipping friday calculus and chemistry for the second time in a row (last week was my grandmother's funeral which, oddly enough, was in arlington as well), and I CANNOT WAIT

*fangirl squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

So if any of you are going to be there and happen to spot a girl with mid-length curly brown hair, a Wicked t-shirt, practical sneakers, and a wide-eyed tourist expression it's probably me.
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