18 August 2009 @ 01:17 am
So...I posted this to [ profile] tenipuri a few weeks ago, and figured I should probably post it here. It was supposed to be your average 20 things fic, but then it developed plot, and said plot demanded to be resolved. So now I don't know what it is.

20 Things About Ryoma - Complete )
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It is may 31st, and it's a lovely 55 degrees outside. wtf, rochester. not okay.

I am also now nineteen and rather bemused by it. (we also now have copious amounts of cake in the house, which is not necessarily a good thing).

I've discovered an untold love for sundried tomatoes and cheddar cheese on toast. I don't know where it came from.

My cat is sick, has to be forced to take his antibiotics, which are not helping and he also now has no appetite. We think he may need an xray which will lead to  possible surgery which is a problem because I've used up all my employee benefit money at the vets and thus convincing my dad to pay for such things is going to be a long and very very difficult battle which my mother and I may or may not win.

Between random jobs for my dad ( 9$ an hour) and lots of hours at the vets in june (7.37$ an hour) I think I will manage to not go bankrupt between travel from pinewoods and otakon and also other varying expenses from otakon. yaaaaaaaay employment.

On that note, I still dont have any idea how I'm getting from pinewoods to an amtrak station, as noone is returning my emails. I want cheap tickets damnit, and that means planning ahead. RESPOND, PEOPLE.

I am currently on episode 64 of the Prince of Tennis anime, and have made no progress with haruhi or xxxHolic (what else am I supposed to be watching? oh yeah, code geass). As my father has yet to get my bike down from the ceiling of our garage, I have not yet made it to barnes and nobles to read my way through the PoT manga. need to get on that - It takes an hour to walk to pittsford plaza and while, yes, I do in fact have that kind of free time at the moment, I'd much rather bike it.

I have also corrupted one friend here at home to not only PoT in general, but also the musicals. She has finished the manga. I have sent her roomates arc. She agrees that Dream Lives are possibly the most amazing things known to man (fangirl). We're making progress.

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29 April 2009 @ 03:10 pm
I need to stop reading 20 things fics. They give me ideas.

Case in point: today, we weren't doing anything in math class except teacher evaluations so I skipped out after I'd finished and went to the computer lab to happily waste a half hour reading random prince of tennis 20 things fics. Then, halfway through chemistry, my ryoma-muse wakes up and starts poking me (and when the hell did I get a ryoma muse? not okay.) and I spend the rest of class jotting down fic-notes before I forget them instead of paying attention to the teachers lecture on electrolytic cells.

And I just spent the last hour and  a half writing the damn thing, despite the fact that I have my Japanese civ final tomorrow (and I havent even started studying, nice planning there, brit) a math quiz friday that I need to prepare for, an essay to print, and my Japanese oral final tomorrow. Oh, and I'm in the middle of laundry.

So, I only managed to get to 10 things, and with some help I may actually be able to finish this fic at some point, but that will probably be after one or more long, drawn out conversations with [personal profile] faded_lace and will take a while, so I'm posting as is for now.

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01 April 2009 @ 09:53 pm

So....I know these fic's are supposed to be for one character...but I don't think I know of twenty things about one character that are solely mine and mine alone. If I tried to do twenty of one character I'd end up stealing from various fics and that's just not the point. Therefore...the g-boys.


20 Things the Gundam Boys are pretty sure no one knows )


this...was supposed to be fluffy, and kind of silly. Somehow, it got serious on me at the end. I do apologize.


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02 March 2009 @ 09:50 am
y'know I came to college to get AWAY from the 7-month-long winters that happen back home. so here I am in pennsylvania, and it's march, and I am so sick of winter, and have memories from my childhood of it being like, february and there being flowers up here, but no. it is snowing like maaaaaaaaaaad. As in, genuine, hard core, rochester-lake-effect snow. I didn't know they GOT that stuff down here. but apparently they do.

on the plus side, my early morning japanese class was canceled and so were my calculus and chemistry lectures. I still have lab, but thats a short walk and a royal pain to make up so it's ok.

so, in honor of the snow day, I present to you the one and only lemon I have ever written.

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22 November 2008 @ 01:00 pm
okay, second part of temptations going up, just because I have nothing better to post right now.

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19 November 2008 @ 04:13 pm
random drabble post.

the story is...I took a creative writing course second half of my senior year (highschool, people) and most of the time we were just left to work on whatever project the class was doing and if we'd finished that, we were left to our own devices. so, I'd had the plotbunny for this scene running circles round my head for a few months, and decided to write it out. 

first version )
aaaaaaaaaand second version )

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13 November 2008 @ 07:36 pm
This is rather old...but it is part 1 of a twoshot, in the CLAMP school detectives fandom. yaoi, of course, but quite mild. It takes place when Nokoru is a senior in highschool, the boys all hold their same positions in the student government as they did in elementary school.

I know CLAMP has written other series focusing on the future of their 'world', but this is discounting all of that, as I have read none of those series, I simply know they exist.

now then....

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