18 February 2009 @ 09:48 pm
so, my school is well known for its traditions. One of them is called "hell week". It started today. Basically, the freshwomen ask a sophmore (or two)  to "hell" them, which basically means they tell us to do all sorts of crazy things. And we do them. and it rocks.

So, tonight, I participated in a reinactment of the lord of the rings, during which I was a ringwraith (and chased frodo aka hannah around the campus center going raaaaaaaaar) an orc (during which I chased frodo aka hannah and erin aka gandalf around one of the dorms going raaaaaaaaaar) and a part of shelob (during which I ran at frodo aka hannah and erin aka sam going raaaaar and then auuuuuuuuugh when the shined the flashlight at us in the basement of the science building).

The elevator was mount doom. frodo and sam had their gay moment. it was fantastic.

tomorrow, I get to dress up as a schoolgirl, run around and take pictures, and get put on trial. Friday I steal a couple oggz (color changing glowing eggs) from one of my hellers, and cloak and get to run around and be a mystic, and then preform the haruhi suzumiya dance.  Saturday, I run to the haverford duck pond (probably get thrown in) at 5AM, and then I'm either crashing the local middle school dance, or going to a scottish ball I havent decided yet. Sunday, I'm replacing the flags on top of the great hall with hogwarts flags, and then dress up as a hogwarts student. Monday I'm supposed to take part in the campus olympics and build a trebuchet and lay seige to the campus center (it has turrets, and I have class all day, wtf I dont know if I can do that). Tuesday I stage a yu yu hakusho battle with the trees on merion green. And on wednesday it ends and I have lunch with my hellers at sushi land.

I love this school so much.
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