05 September 2011 @ 05:55 pm
I could give the speech about how I don't think my life is very interesting and thus never bother to update this thing but I think everyone's heard it before. Could someone start, like, poking me if I've not said anything in two weeks? Text, email, something - maybe if I have someone actively badgering me to update I actually will >>

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tl;dr life is life, [ profile] faded_lace got me into Arashi and they are slowly taking over my soul, I am a senior and have a thesis which is terrifying, also too much other stuff to do, and I now have a shiny new tumblr mind the arashi spam.

Oh and I live in a tower. There will be pictures. Eventually. maybe.
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31 August 2009 @ 03:44 pm
So...first day of classes, yay. Rant teims!

The good )

The bad )

The irritating )

In other news, I asked the mail room today if they were hiring students and they were ambivalent about me until I said I could work Saturdays. Then he seemed more eager, and told me to come back thursday. So I may (hopefully possibly pleasepleaseplease) have a job - now granted one that would require my working tuesday and thursdays before I go to japanese and possibly every saturday for the rest of the semester, but damn it it is a job and a paying one and I'm sure I could find a sub for the one time when I think I wont be here on a saturday which is katsucon.
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