13 February 2012 @ 11:05 pm

For those interested in reading it, I am actually quite proud of the damn thing and would love to hear your thoughts :D It is about 50 pages long, I should warn you, but not terribly dense? Or at least not to me, but then, I wrote it. Here's the abstract, if you're wondering what its about:

In recent years, manga, anime and other elements of Japanese pop culture have gained increasing popularity in the United States. This has led to a wider awareness of Japanese culture through the appropriation these pop culture materials as a source of cultural information. Manga, in particular, provides visual as well as linguistic examples of Japanese culture, and thus has the potential to be an excellent source of cultural knowledge, perhaps even suitable for classroom use. However, as with any cross-cultural text, manga's ability to serve as an example of Japanese culture depends heavily on how it is translated.
Currently, most manga is translated for the purpose of entertainment, not scholarly discussion. Consequently, there is considerable push from publishing companies to gloss translations with Western ideas and cultural norms, on the assumption that the stories will then be more accessible to readers and have higher sales. Unfortunately, with growing awareness of the Japanese origins of manga, rewriting can instead lead to widespread misunderstanding of Japanese culture as being very similar to Western culture, especially when the series' pointedly retain their Japanese setting. This loss of cultural context and the misconceptions it encourages on the international stage are here exemplified through a case study of the English translation of the sports manga, The Prince of Tennis.

Yes, I used The Prince of Tennis in my thesis. Yes, I passed around books at my presentation. Yes, it was beautiful.

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The file is a pdf, if anyone can't read that let me know. Also, there will be a proper life update entry at some point, but right now I have too much to do, so all you get is yes I'm alive, yes I have my JET interview information, yes I have too much homework and no I am not getting enough sleep.
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30 January 2012 @ 11:23 am
Things I have done recently! In no particular order

~Presented my thesis to professors and small group of friends :D it went really well despite my nearly losing my flashdrive with the presentation on it in my sleepy-braindead-ness the evening before. Now I just have to find the time to add like three sentences to the actual paper, make it a pdf, and TURN IT IN. I will probably upload the beast on mediafire or something if anyone wants to download and read it. It is 50 pages of academic argument for how they should leave more Japanese cultural info in translated manga using Prince of Tennis as a case study :D Yay for my college letting me turn my inner fangirl into my thesis topic.

~Watched the first episode of Lucky Seven! It was excellent :D and I have relatively high hopes for the rest of the drama but we shall see. Nitta and Shuntaro have the beginnings of a beautiful relationship and what we see of the ladies is awesome, though we admittedly do not see enough of them.

~Started watching Chinen and Yamapi's new drama which I can't remember the name of and am too lazy to look up with [personal profile] grayscale. We generally spend it yelling at the screen when things don't make sense (often) and complaining that Chinen doesn't get enough screen time/freaking out when he does get screen time which is great fun. He doesn't appear very often, unfortunately, even though his character is doing things that make it seem like he should be getting screen time. Nothing makes sense. Who is the old guy seriously

~Had a very impassioned discussion at about 10 minutes before midnight about characterization and other plot-related choices in Harry Potter with several friends and by impassioned I mean nearly shouting and talking over each other but in a very friendly discussion-like way

~Met with my dean and ascertained that yes, I really can take only 3 classes and count as a full time student (for some reason I thought I needed 3.5 credits per semester, turns out I was wrong) so there's that solved and hopefully once internship starts up I will still be able to stay on top of HW. We'll see.

~Preordered Wild at Heart and am inescapably sad that I'm not going to get it till, like, MARCH because the bits that are in the Lucky Seven opening sound really catchy.

Everything else is class or homework related, which is not very interesting to read about (I'm infecting carrots in Microbio? Our control plates grew stuff because we weren't using sterilized technique? I have a kanji quiz I'm not prepared for on Wednesday? See, not interesting) and no news about JET yet augh augh augh so I suppose that's it.

:D How is everyone?
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Today I worked a morning shift at the vets where there were a grand total of maybe 12 dogs and 3 of us, so I got up at 6AM to spend roughly an hour caring for animals and then another 3 spraying down cages, taking the doors off cages, scrubbing the doors, squeegeeing the water out of the cages and off the floors down the drain, and then putting the doors back on the cages because its after the holidays and we get to disinfect the entire. hospital.

(Oddly enough, my arms are not very sore. Which would be awesome, except I have to work tomorrow morning as well and I have a nasty feeling I'm going to wake up and my arms will go "ahahahaha DIE D<" which will be unfortunate)

I then got home, ate, and spent a good part of the evening helping my dad insulate our attic, continuing a project that had actually started last night. This consisted of me periodically shoving large blocks of white fiberglass stuff into a machine that chopped it up and blew it up a tube that went through my brother's room, my closet, and then into the attic, while listening to Energy Song and Fight Song on repeat and having a dance party in my garage (when not shoving blocks of fiberglass into a machine). Its the way to spend a friday night, people, I highly recommend it :D

Our attic is now filled with white fluffy fiberglass stuff that looks a lot like the fake snow they use for Nutcracker performances and will theoretically keep our house warmer and our heating bill lower. I can't quite tell if its working, because while my room is warmer, its also about 45 degrees outside despite being Western New York in the middle of January. We should have about a foot and a half of snow. We don't. But it looks really pretty and the project being done means that I again have my room to myself instead of sharing it with a ladder and tubing and several boxes of tools, and my father is not spending inordinate amounts of time half in my closet. :D So I call it a success.

Other points of interest!

~Discovered on new years that a "molten" cake, specifically molten chocolate cake, is actually just a cake that hasn't been baked all the way through. I had always been under the impression that you put extra chocolate or something in the middle that then melted but I made them with a friend on new years and apparently not.

Really yummy regardless.

~Finished GANTZ, finally! I watched the first movie sometime before Christmas and then got distracted and kept putting off watching part 2 until today. It was really, really good: fascinating premise, great acting, the suits were beautiful - a little more gory than I usually like, but not awful. My only complaint is that I found the ending really unsatisfying :/ I loved the whole thing up until the last like...20 minutes? Half hour? Idk it felt like they introduced and set up a whole lot of threads that were never resolved. I can only suspend my disbelief so far, I suppose.

~Still no word on my thesis draft >.> I should probably look it over again before I get back to school but it's breeeeeeak and I'm laaaaaaaazy ~.~ Maybe I'll do it on the train.

~Slowly working my way through D no Arashi :D very slowly, but going, and would be working my way through Shukudai but my home internet is depressingly slow :l

And....that's about it. :D how was the start of everyone else's weekend?
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27 December 2011 @ 11:10 pm
Hello everyone from the JE friending meme! I haven't been doing much with my dreamwidth even though I've had it for some time, so hopefully new people will get me a bit more active over here :D

A little about me )

And a life update for those of you who know me already :D )

And...I think that's about it. :D How was everyone's holidays?
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