30 June 2010 @ 08:29 pm
...has been pretty damn boring XD My dad's working on the landscaping around our house, and I'm helping cause I'm getting paid to which means not only do we have massive piles of mulch, several potted things, empty pots that previously held things, and a bunch of trees that keep falling over lying around, I now spend the majority of my days planting massive amounts of pachysandra everywhere. I almost miss the daily battles with foot-and-a-half high weeds... Supposedly, this magical plant will keep down weeds in our flower beds. All I know is it's been about a month and I never want to see the damn thing again. Unfortunately, I'm planting it all over our property, so that's not really an option XD ah, well.

In other news, I successfully found Fakir pants (go old navy, go!) after a long and frustrating search (why is it so hard to find white pants? I mean really now) and since my wig is ordered, I am aaaaaaaaaaall set for Otakon this year - I just need my train tickets. I also found some pretty new skirts and shorts that fit (go old navy, go! take 2) and replaced all of my ridiculously worn out socks (...JC penny this time) XD yay shopping trips with mom.

I am also on a letter kick, as I have some pretty new stationary and some random other stationary that I found in the depths of my bookshelf and a notebook that I'm tearing pages out of, so if anyone wants a letter, drop me an email/message/screened comment with your address and I will happily ramble at you for a page or so and send it off ^ ^ You can write back, or not, either is fine, I just want to use pretty paper XD

And last but not least, I'm in the market for a new LJ layout, and am unimpressed with the ones offered :/ does anyone know some good comms/creators who's journals I can poke through to find one? I tried searching and such but it didn't quite work. EDIT: Found one~ :D thank you
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