12 May 2011 @ 07:28 pm
Holy god in heaven I'd forgotten how much Bryn Mawr eats anything resembling life. Whew.

So, semester in flashback. I seem to keep doing this >> huh.

Bryn Mawr was Bryn Mawr and simultaneously epic and ohgod so draining. I took a class at Swarthmore for the first time ever, an Anime, Gender and Culture class that was pretty epic, even if the professor was kind of airhead-y disorganized Sweet guy. Decent Japanese. Could not organize lecture to save his life that culminated in a 20 page BEAST of a final paper on....


Prince of Tennis >D

Which may or may not be turning into my thesis. I need to poke at it some more. At any rate, it was on all of the coding implied by Japanese forms of address, and how that gets changed/lost/compensated for or doesnt in dubbed versions. This unfortunately meant I had to actually watch the dub which was painfully bad though at least they put the names in proper order by like the 10th episode. Unlike the manga. *shudders*

Other than that I had Japanese, back with Suzuki-sensei who is awesome and adorable, so that was fun, plus Biochemistry for my pre-vet requirements, which went surprisingly well :D My teacher was really nice and enthusiastic, which is a good combination, and the class overall went really well. Or at least I think it did, I still don't know how I did on my final project/paper/test.

Finally there was my East Asian Studies Major seminar, which if you listen to your advisers is supposed to give you a background knowledge of East Asia and help you find a topic for your thesis. Hint: it did neither. Our professor was a very sweet, well-meaning, brilliant man...but he could not lead what was supposed to be a discussion based class, and his assignments were incredibly vague even after three or so emails back and forth. The class was heavily China focused and pretty much just history: very little sociology or linguistics or any of the other multitude of disciplines that can be applied to East Asian studies.

We hated it. But it's over and done and I am never taking a three hour discussion class with that teacher again good god @.@

Outside of schoolwork there was... not a whole lot XD We changed up the format of anime club so instead of watching a handful of series all the way through, we pick a ton and watch the first handful of episodes of all of them. It seemed to go over pretty well :D and it was fun seeing a lot of new stuff. In other news, I am now the main person in charge of anime club which is scary as fuck because I get to do all the con planning @.@ There has got to be an easier way to get people to and from a con in a vaguely organized and timely fashion - also I may need to get van certified and drive a ton of them if we don't get any other volunteers which...well ok it'd probably go fine but I'd need a good navigator and it's nervewracking :/ maybe I'll institute a "you don't show up to club you get yourself to the con :l" policy. It would certainly make things a lot easier.

But anyway, there was also Scottish, which fell apart mildly since our new president was also half-running SPT (or at least the tech portion of it) and running herself far too thin, hopefully that will work better next year. Music is still awesome, community is still great, one of our musicians brought lemon flavored cupcakes with candied basil on top to class last night and I swear I'm going to hunt him down and get the recipe because they were amazing. Also my dad has a habit of buying far more basil then my family will ever use and it would be nice to have something to do with it other than pesto. Not that I don't like pesto, but...yeah.

We had another pull-together of the Sailor Moon cosplay group, this time with a pluto which was thrown together over like two days and sent us all into flashbacks (I did my usual job of ironing bias tape and sewing gloves, ああ~なつかし~). We unfortunately ended up starting way late and so didn't get around to a lot of the stuff we wanted to do, but we got other cool shots, and our photographer was amazing and adorable :D so those pictures will be up....eventually XD We also discovered one of the pictures from our shoot last year ended up on tumbler about a month ago (prompting at least one mawrter to repost with a "...I know that building. I think I know those people) and has since gained 2,016 notes: ie likes/reblogs. So that was kind of crazy awesome :D

Other than that I am finally DONEDONEDONE with school work as of today and have been relishing my new found freedom before I go home and sort out shadowing at the vets and work and possibly taking a praxis class next year and maybe volunteering to get some experience working with kids before JET and sorting out JET application stuff and figuring out how I'm going to pay for/transport myself to pinewoods and god only knows what else.

In fandom news, I have downloaded but not watched the new tenimyu, [personal profile] faded_lace has dragged me into following Arashi (not that I'm complaining), I am slowly spreading the kuromyu love around Bryn Mawr aaaaaaand I need to update on RP like woah.

Current Mood: giggly
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