26 April 2012 @ 11:50 pm
Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri Episode 2 for [personal profile] l_elfie  
So...I said I wasn't going to watch this for a while since the first episode was really kind of frustrating and we're heading into finals.

...I lied?

It was...better. Like, not spectacular, but Yoshitaro wasn't trying to turn in a resignation letter every other scene, and he stood up for himself briefly and was right about the crime and whatnot. And he got thanked by the person they were wrongly suspecting at the end, and seemed pretty happy about it. There was more interaction with him and Holmes as well, which was pretty awesome :D

Siblings were also kind of better? I mean, there was still a fair bit of super aggravating victim-blaming-y stuff (god yoshitaro you're such an awful detective I can't stand seeing you made fun of for being such an awful detective THEN FUCKING LET HIM QUIT HE'S TRYING GDI and then Yoshitaro being all "oh they only do this because they care" I have my doubts :l) They also continued to involve themselves in crime solving for no apparent reason, though at least the murder involved people at the sister's part-time job so she had some reason to be running around with Yoshitaro at the end? And there was some togetherness in the closing scene and the older brother caved on letting Holmes stay and even tried to give him dango, so idk. They were slightly less obnoxious though I still don't know what purpose they serve.

Ditto with Okhura's character who's name I still don't know. His purpose in the series seems to alternate between guy-who-is-trying-to-date-main-character's-sister and rival-at-work-trying-to-take-credit-for-main-character's-actions. Idek. He again joined the sibling and Yoshitarou for the let's solve a crime with our blackboard! discussion and was sucking up to their superior (who btw, continued to do nothing but heap verbal abuse on Yoshitaro, I really hope we're supposed to hate him) but really doesn't have a defining characteristic other than being totally whipped by the sister. He didn't really do much this episode? Though he did mess up and so superior guy was angry with him for a bit which was a refreshing change.

They continue to really push the "Omg Yoshitarou is such an idiot about eeeeeeeeeverything" stuff which bothers me, if only because it seems to go along with removing any sort of agency he would have in getting people to listen to him and consider his opinions. This is both from other characters and actually the way Yoshitarou presents himself and his ideas, which I have no idea how I feel about, to be honest. I hate it when something about a scene super bothers me but I can't quite figure out why

The transitions in this show continued to throw me as well. Or should I say lack of transitions. Does anyone else feel that we jump from scene to scene really abruptly? Its giving me whiplash, I swear. Also there continue to be giant gaping plot holes, though maybe those bits were explained during the portions I was fast-forwarding through due to my fairly low tolerance for melodrama outside of Maou. I'm not sure. (There was slightly less of the melodrama this time, I think? Maybe? I wasn't skipping till the very end when there was like 10+ minutes of monologueing and I don't care enough about the characters yet to put up with that. Especially the just-for-this-episode-"bad"-guy) But like...some girl's cousin got killed instead of her. And they hypothesize person X did it but I didn't see any confirmation that that actually happened? And everyone kind of forgets about her to go and find aforementioned girl? And then at the end she's all "oh you are my only family" to her dad, did you only have the one cousin? What about your aunt/uncle? Or do they not count because they're not immediate family? I like my shows with details. That they keep straight and keep referencing. This may prove to be a problem

So, tl;dr - some improvement? Not great but I wasn't skipping over as much stuff and Yoshitarou seems to be growing somewhat of a backbone re: siblings (though I still want to throw the supervisor out the nearest available window) and there was more Holmes and Yoshitarou interactions.

For the moment I'm still watching, though with reservations >>
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