02 March 2009 @ 09:50 am
y'know I came to college to get AWAY from the 7-month-long winters that happen back home. so here I am in pennsylvania, and it's march, and I am so sick of winter, and have memories from my childhood of it being like, february and there being flowers up here, but no. it is snowing like maaaaaaaaaaad. As in, genuine, hard core, rochester-lake-effect snow. I didn't know they GOT that stuff down here. but apparently they do.

on the plus side, my early morning japanese class was canceled and so were my calculus and chemistry lectures. I still have lab, but thats a short walk and a royal pain to make up so it's ok.

so, in honor of the snow day, I present to you the one and only lemon I have ever written.

enjoy. )

Current Mood: SNOW